Delaware 87ers Win Second Straight Game As They Beat Suns 103-96

The Delaware 87ers seemed to be turning down the right road as they now have won their second straight game of the season and their second win overall on the season.

The 87ers beat the Northern Arizona Suns 103-96 at the Bob Carpenter Center on Tuesday night and dominated the game early on which lead the charge for the win.

It all started in the first quarter where the 87ers just crushed the Suns with outscoring them 31-18 in the first quarter. Sevens center Christian Wood led the way for the team with scoring 11 points in the quarter. Also, the Sevens took advantage of their time at the foul line with making 77% ( 7-9) of them. Also, 87ers defense was swarming the Suns by causing nine turnovers in the quarter.

In the second quarter, the fire was burning for the Suns as they tighten the game up by outscoring the Sevens 27-22 in the quarter. The Suns went on a 12-2 run around the 7:30 mark which was a big momentum swing in the quarter.  Suns forward Derrick
Jones Jr. was the leader in that run with 4 points and 2 rebounds during that time. Also, Jones Jr. led the Suns in scoring with 11 points.

After having a thirteen point lead in the first quarter, the Sevens lead faded to 8 points by halftime with the score being 53-45.

The scoring leader for the Sevens was with Christian Wood who had 14 points in the first half.

The scoring leader for the Suns was with Derrick Jones Jr. who had 17 points in the first half.

Delaware’s field goal percentage in the first half was 40.0 %  and Suns was 42.2%.

The 87ers were 4 for 22 taking three pointers and the Suns were 2 for 13 in the first half.

Delaware was 9 for 12 with free throw shots and Suns was 5 for 8 for free throw shots in the first half.

Also, Delaware had 4 turnovers and Suns had 14 in first half.

When the second half came, the Suns were still riding that momentum they had in the second quarter by outscoring Delaware 27-24 in the quarter. With being outscored in the quarter, the Sevens lead shrunk to two points with the score being 74-72 at the end of the third quarter. Suns forward Mike Young was a big reason for the surge in the third with scoring nine points in the quarter. The Suns caused five turnovers on defense and only had two of the their own on offense. When it came to the foul line, Northern Arizona cashed in going 100% (5-5) at the line.

So how would the Sevens respond?

Well, the Sevens defense stepped up and did not allow the Suns to get too many good shots off. The Sevens held Northern Arizona to a 28.6% (6-21) shooting percentage in the fourth. The 87ers also outscored the Suns 29-27 in the fourth quarter. While the game was tight throughout the quarter, the Sevens never wavered and sealed the win with two made free throw shots from forward Furkan Korkmaz. The Sevens were able to hang on for a 103-96 win that marked their second win of the season.

The leading scorer of the night was Suns  Derrick Jones Jr.with 32 points.

The leading scorer of the night for the Sevens was Christian Wood who had a double-double on the night with 21 points and 10 rebounds.

Along with Wood, six other Sevens hit double digits and they were Furkan Korkmaz (14),Tyshawn Abbott  (11), Jacob Pullen (13), James Webb III (11), Devin Robinson (11) and Darin Johnson (11).

The Sevens (2-8) travel to Memphis to face the Memphis Hustle on Saturday at 1pm ET.

Player stats: 





Sevens: 41%

Suns: 40%

3 Point %

Sevens: 29%

Suns: 27%

Free Throw %

Sevens: 81%

Suns: 70%


Sevens: 47

Suns: 59



Suns: 15


Sevens: 14

Suns: 20

Blocked Shots

Sevens: 5




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