Delaware 87ers Run Wild In 135-112 Win Vs The Wisconsin Herd

It may only be their third win of the season but this win showed that Delaware 87ers can pour on the points against their opponents if they want to.

The Sevens won on the road 135-112 against the Wisconsin Herd at the Menominee Nation Arena in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

How did the 87ers get this dominating win against the Herd?

Well it all started in the first quarter where Wisconsin took a early 5-2 lead to start the game. Herd’s center Kyle Casey was the difference maker on that 5-2 run with three points and two rebounds.

The Herd had the lead for nine minutes and 49 seconds in the quarter which was the majority of the  first quarter. The 87ers fought their way back and with a minute left in the first quarter they tied it at 24 a piece.

Then Sevens Marc Loving collected a rebound which he was fouled during that time by the Herd’s Jarvis Summers. Loving went to the free throw line and hit both shots to put the Sevens up 26-24 at end of the first quarter.

The Herd was shooting 75% (3-4) at the three point line was one of the biggest reasons they had the lead so long in the first quarter.

For for the first seven minutes in the second quarter the two teams were trading baskets and trading leads, until the around the five minute mark.

Delaware outscored Wisconsin 18-9 for the rest of the quarter to end the half with a 61-50 lead.

The scoring leader for the Sevens was with Christian Wood who had 16 points in the first half.
The scoring leaders for the Herd was with James Young, Kyle Casey and Xavier Munford who each had 10 points in the first half.

Delaware’s field goal percentage in the first half was 52.6 % and Wisconsin’s  was 46.3 %.

The 87ers were 7 for 15 taking three pointers and the Herd were 4 for 9 in the first half.

Delaware was 14 for 17 with free throw shots and Wisconsin was 8 for 13 for free throw shots in the first half.

Also, Delaware had 7 turnovers and the Herd had 7 in first half.

Then the third quarter started and the Sevens were still riding that momentum from the first half by going on 8-4 run to start the quarter. The run had put the 87ers up 69-54 with 10:35 left in the third quarter.

James Webb III had the hot hand during the run by scoring six points ( two three pointers) during that time.

Christian Wood, James Webb III, James Blackmon Jr. and Julian Jacobs were the heavy hitters for the Sevens in the third quarter with scoring a combined 22 points.

By the end of the third quarter, Sevens had a commanding 94-78 lead over the Herd.

In the fourth quarter with the lead in their hands, the 87ers outscored the the Herd 41-34 in the quarter to take home a 135-112 win. Also, the Sevens took advantage of their time at the free throw line by going 14-16 in the quarter.

The leading scorer of the night was the Herd’s Xavier Munford who scored 28 points in the game.

The leading scorer of the night for the Sevens was Christian Wood who had a double-double on the night with 25 points and 11 rebounds.

Along with Wood, six other Sevens hit double digits and they were James Webb III (19),  Darin Johnson (11),  Devin Robinson (17), Shane Edwards ( 10), James Blackmon Jr. (20) and Marc Loving (21).

The Sevens (3-10)  travel to Canton to face the Canton Charge on Friday at 7pm ET.


Player stats: 





Sevens: 54%

Herd: 49%

3 Point %

Sevens: 39%

Herd: 37%

Free Throw %

Sevens: 85%



Sevens: 48






Sevens: 13


Blocked Shots

Sevens: 0






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