NBA G-League Unveils New Nike Uniforms

On Monday, the NBA G-League unveiled new Nike uniforms for the 2017-18 season. The Delaware 87ers fresh new uniforms will be white uniforms with blue and red trim at home and new red uniforms with blue and white trim for on the road. Shorts of both uniforms will have 87ers partial primary logo and the Philadelphia 76ers primary logo on the right and left side of the shorts.

So what is new with these Nike Uniforms for the 2017-2018 season?

The new uniforms are designed to enable more agility and range of motion while paying tribute to each NBA parent team.

Additions to the uniform are the NBA G-League logo on the back of the uniforms and the chest line on the front. The logo is on on the shorts as well.

Each NBA G-League team has their own neck trim color that match the unique identities of each team.

The uniform numbers and player’s name font are from the NBA parent team’s uniform. Each uniform has the NBA Logo of the parent team and the NBA G-League team on the right and left side of their shorts as well.

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The Delaware 87ers home opener for their fifth season is Monday, November 6th vs the Westchester Knicks at 7:00pm ET.

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