87ers Season Review: Stedmon Lemon

Stedmon Lemon was acquired by the Delaware 87ers on March 7th, through a player pool after he was put on waivers by the Canton Charge.

Let’s take a look at Lemon’s season with the 87ers:

2016-2017 Season Averages:

Games Played: 5

Points: 1.6

Minutes: 7.9

Rebounds: 1.38

Assists: 0.38

Steals: 0.50


Lemon started with the 87ers on March 9th vs the Austin Spurs:

Minutes: 3:58

Points: 0

Rebounds: 0

Assists: 0

Steals: 0


Next Six Games through March 11th to April 1st:

Lemon Averaged:

Minutes: 7.83

Points: 1.5

Rebounds: 1.1

Assists: 0.16

Steals: 0.5

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